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The word “dore” comes from the French meaning “golden or gilt”. Raw gold dore bars(Buy raw gold bars) are partially refined gold bars used to make gold jewellry. They are produced after excluding all the non-metal particles from the gold ore leaving behind the raw form of gold with alloys of gold bearing properties.

They are produced during the process of gold mining and refining. The purpose is to purify the gold as much as possible to be used as a pure gold form.

Composition of Raw Gold Dore Bars

Dore bars can be considered almost the pure form of gold with a few remaining alloys that need to remain for a better reason. The percentage of pure gold in a dore bar(Buy raw gold bars) can be counted from 50 to 75 percent. In comparison, the remaining 25 to 50 percent consists of other valuable alloys, mostly silver, having properties that complement gold instead of making it impure.

Though it is a refined form, it still requires further refining to make it usable to make a gold item. On a simpler side, you may consider the dore bars as high metal bars consisting of pure gold.

Why are Gold Dore Bars Created(Buy raw gold bars)?

  • The form of gold extracted from the mines is not in a condition to be transported to various locations. The Raw gold dore bars serve as a solution for easing the transportation of gold in half pure form to be further processed at their locations.


  • Gold dore bars may be considered the first step towards getting a pure gold form from the raw gold. These bars are created after the removal of all the waste material, including dirt, rocks, leaves, or any other material having zero value. The remaining part is of gold and some other worth-keeping metals, resulting in a bar that is easy to travel to the refineries for further processing.


  • They occupy less space and help the gold traders easily import and export gold without much hassle(Buy raw gold bars). Gold is a heavy metal, and its transportation requires a lot of charges. No one wants to pay for the transportation of the waste that will be thrown out during the process of refining; that is why these bars are created after the removal of unwanted waste to save time and money.


  • Gold jewelry cannot be created from the pure gold form because it is highly malleable. This requires some kind of impurity or alloy to be added in pure gold to make it able for jewelry making. Dore bars help to keep the alloys added in gold. The more pure a gold will be, the more difficult would it be to mold it in multiple designs of jewelry, therefore to have beautifully designed gold jewelry, including necklaces, lockets, bangles, rings, and many other items, it is necessary to have somewhat impurity in the gold called as an alloy(Buy raw gold bars).


Best Place To Buy Raw Gold Dore Bars?

There was a time when people used to buy gold from the shops directly, but with advancement now, it is possible to purchase gold online. Look no further for those living in the USA, Africa, and Europe who want to purchase gold Dore gold suppliers online is one of the leading raw gold Dore bars sellers who give you 100% assurance of purity.


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